Self Taught Piano

Self taught piano is something you can do if you don’t have the option of going to lessons. It’s also great if you want to try out the piano before deciding to do it more seriously and finding a teacher; there are also people who have learnt the piano to a very high standard without having a lesson in their life, and for many, this is a great way to learn.

There are a couple of paths that you can take when self teaching; totally on your own, playing along with piano recordings and trying to imitate what you hear and see, or with the help of books, DVDs, articles, anything that you can get your hands on to help you learn and improve your playing. The second path is probably the fastest and best way to transform yourself into that amazing pianist that you’ve always wanted to become.

It can be great being your own teacher, learning what you want when you want and for how long, so get together some resources, books, DVDs etc, anything that interests you and start learning at your own pace. Start with the beginner levels and work your way up until you reach the level that you’re happy with.

If you're serious about self learning
this website could also be very helpful

Self taught piano is great for people that have teachers as well, it’s so rewarding going to your piano lesson and showing your piano teacher something that you’ve learnt all on your own.

Piano teachers are fantastic for helping you to learn and improve your playing, but remember; you are your best teacher, you’re the one that decides how to use the information that you get, be it from a DVD, book or even your piano teacher, so keep learning, practicing and have some fun along the way.

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