Play Blues Piano

Blues piano is a great style of piano to learn; if you want to play blues piano then you’ll need to know the blues scale, the 12 bar blues chord progression and a few other things that we’ll be going over here

If you want to learn how to improvise then the blues is a great place to start, if you know which notes to hit then all you have to do is put a bit of rhythm to them and you’ll be able to improvise over the 12 bar blues

Other things that you’ll want to know about for playing blues piano are riffs which are small groups of notes that are put together to make mini tunes, comping is a way of playing chords where you play different rhythms with them, improvising with chords

So enough of me telling you what you need for playing blues piano, if you want anymore info on the blues, there’s some great information here but for now let’s get started; below are more pages from the website all about learning blues piano so click on the one that you want to learn more about

The Blues Scale

Free Blues Piano Lesson
Here are some of the basics from the 12 bar blues to some basic riffs

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