Piano Notes...the start of Piano Theory

Piano theory starts with piano notes… or does it? Let’s get started on learning all there is to know about piano music theory, what are you going to learn? Well get ready for it…

We’ll start with the staff then; the piano notes, the clefs, time signatures, rests, dots and ties, key signatures, the circle of fifths (or is it the circle of fourths), dynamics markings, what those funny Italian words mean, note values, rests, intervals, accidentals, phrase markers, music form, aaaarrrr STOP.

OK I’ll stop, it’s probably a bit too much for your brain to take in all those musical terms just yet but don’t worry I’ll take you step by step from the beginning and by the end hopefully you’ll know it all. If you are only interested in a particular part then that’s great too as you’ll see below you can click on what interests you.

So does piano music theory start with piano notes, well if your main goal is to read music then yes but if not then it’s up to you. What part interests you the most, is it the circle of fifths, maybe you like Italian and want to know what all those musical words mean. The links are there waiting for you to click… and to have fun too of course.

Music Time Signatures

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