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When it comes to piano teachers and how to find the right one for you or your child you really have to think about what you need or want, if you want to learn piano just for fun or as a hobby then you’ll probably want a contemporary music teacher, one that can teach a wide range of music from pop rock blues right through to classical, a lot of piano teachers tend to teach in a set way geared towards examinations, mostly classical music, if this is what you want then you’ll probably be able to find a teacher more easily as most standard piano teachers teach classical music and can get you ready for exams.

For children, I think it’s important to learn piano for fun, if they learn things that they like, and enjoy their piano lessons they’ll practice more, the more they practice the better, then later on they can think about doing it more seriously, and doing exams if that’s what they want.

Most children don’t like a lot of theory or scales, if they’re given a whole heap of theory for the week or made to play scales at every lesson, they might loose interest, if it gets to the point where the only time they practice is at their lesson, and it keeps on like this for a few months it might be time to find another teacher, not because their a bad teacher but because their not the right teacher for your child, piano teachers that are right for someone else might not be right for you; it might be a simple personality clash.

To start off with it’s best for children to learn from memory rather than to read sheet music, it’s amazing how much children can remember from each lesson, and when they don’t have to worry about reading notes off of a page they’ll get much faster results in their playing.

The Memory Is A Great Tool

I get parents asking me how their children can remember so many songs without having them written down; all I can really tell them is that it’s easy for them and that the memory is a great tool. But then when someone has been reading music for years and they don’t play any songs from memory, when it comes to learning a song from memory it can be much harder as they’re so used to reading from a sheet that to learn from memory just doesn’t come naturally.

So back to piano teachers and finding the right one, do all the normal things like looking in your local directory, ask at the schools, universities and friends that are already having piano lessons, then when you have some of the piano teachers in your area, give them a call and ask them what they specialize in, will they come and teach at your own home or do they have a private studio where they teach.

Think about who you would get on better with, if you get on well with your teacher this can make a huge difference, do you think you’d be better off with a woman or a man, old or young, given the area that you’re in you might not have a lot of choices but don’t be afraid to try a different teacher if things don’t seem to be going that well.

To some up, piano teachers can be great, and if you’re lucky, your first one will be perfect, but if not, try another, when you find the one that’s right for you, you’ll realize that it was all worth it, you’ll start to enjoy your lessons, you’ll see great improvements in your playing and you’ll find that you want to practice more and more all the time. In addition to this page you might find the following ones helpful. You could also try this amazing course.

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