Piano Scales

Piano scales are great if you know how to use them, you need to know what fingering to use, the best way to practice them, and how much time to put in to them. Below are a whole heap of scales to keep you going with different ways of practicing them, the fingering, and how you go about implementing them into your playing, but first a little bit more about piano scales.

Scales are best used to get comfortable with a new or unfamiliar key signature, if you’re reading music and you’re hitting wrong notes all over the place it can be a good idea to go back to playing the scale of that key signature a few times, so that you can reconfigure your brain to that key signature, then when you go back to reading the music you’ll be hitting more of the right notes simply because your fingers will be used to hitting them.

Scales are also great for improvisation, if you know your scales, then when it comes to doing that lead solo you’ll know which notes to hit, provided you know what scale to improvise on.

You don’t need to practice scales up and down, day in day out just to get good technique or to get faster. Some teachers get their students to play scales as a main part of their practice to improve their playing. Maybe they’ll spend a whole lesson just on scales but for most people, especially children, it’s not a very good thing to do when they should be putting the time in to practicing the things that they like.

No one likes to practice up and down one or two scales for an hour. But don’t get me wrong, scales are great if you use them properly, as you’ve read above.

So to summarize, Piano Scales in their place are great tools for learning specific things when it comes to playing piano so use them well. Here are the piano scales, click on the one that you want to learn about, you will find tips and techniques on how to use it and play it, and don’t forget to have fun.
Here is a course with a great way of learning scales and keys that's fun too.

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The Chromatic Scale

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Natural Minor Scales

The Pentatonic Scale

And of Course, Don't forget the wiki

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