Piano Practice, Learn to Play Piano

Learn to play piano, in order to do this you have to know about piano practice, so here I’ll be guiding you through some of the basics, there are so many different ways to practice depending on what you want to learn so let’s get started with how much you need to practice.

The dream for many is to acquire sufficient technique to play any piece they want, and easily, you might think that it takes hours of practice every day for 15 years and to be a natural, but don’t worry if you know the correct methods of piano practice and are willing to put in 3 or more hours a week, practising at least once every three days, you’ll be able to achieve things that you are very happy with.

That’s providing you know the correct practice techniques, if you don’t you could practice for years and get nowhere but don’t worry because now that you’re here I’ll show you how you can learn to play piano using some of the best piano practice techniques there are.

Where to Start with Piano Practice

To start you off Click Here to go to Chuan C. Chang’s site to read his book (Fundamentals of piano practice) it’s the best book I’ve read on piano practice and amazingly it’s free.

I’ll be adding other links too, all to do with piano practice so check back soon and feel free to look around at the rest of the site.  

Find Time to Practice the Piano

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