The Piano Melody

All piano compositions start with something, sometimes it's the piano melody, sometimes it's the chords, maybe a bass line, even a riff will do it, but eventually you'll want to include that melody, the one that was meant to be there the whole time.

Some chord progressions sound great by them selves, but after you've composed the melody you'll realize that without it it's missing something. Then there are the chord progressions that in comparison to others sound average or even poor.

This is where the piano melody really comes in as if you find the right one, for a chord progression that sounds average; you can make it sound better than a great chord progression that has a not so good melody.

If you get stumped when trying to compose a melody, remember that when you hum a piece of music it's usually the melody that comes out, so get into the habit of humming your melodies, if you can't make a nice melody from playing it then hum it.

I've found that it works for me time after time, I'll be composing a piece of music and all of a sudden I won't know what should come next, then I'll hum what comes naturally and voila, I'll have that piano melody that I was hearing for, all that's needed then is to work out what I hummed on the keyboard.

So remember, if you're composing a song or piece of music, it doesn't matter what the chord progression is, it won't be great without that melody, I always like to think that there's a perfect melody for every chord progression, and when you find it you'll go YES, and you'll be amazed at how beautiful a simple chord progression can be made with a piano melody. Find out more with this Course!

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