Useful Piano Links,

Welcome to the piano links page, if you are interested in exchanging links then please send me an email, you can find it in my contact details page.

Here you’ll find lots of great links to websites that have something to do with piano; next to each link I’ll give a brief description of what the website is about and what you’re likely to get from going there.

You’ll also find a few websites here that don’t have much to do with piano, but only ones that I think are really good, I’ll also give a description of these ones.

OK I’ll let you get clicking on those piano links that interest you now so have fun and don’t overload your brain with too much information.

Learn Piano By Chords
All about learning piano with chords, mostly to do with the rock and pop styles. The lessons are very well written out and easy to follow; and WOW they're free too.

The Piano Technicians Guild
The Piano Technicians Guild is the official organization of the Registered Piano Technician and the world's premiere source of expertise in piano service and technology. So in other words if you're interest in piano technology, then visit this site; you can even become a member and learn how to be a Piano Technician

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