The Piano Harmony

Let's get onto some piano harmony
OK have you got the basis of the song or piece, have you got the tune, chord progression and bass notes. Well there’s still the harmonies, yes I know harmonies are something you usually think about for singers but harmonies are everywhere and putting them into a piece of music can be a great way to give it a fuller sound

One way of making a harmony is to use one of the notes from the chord that’s being played and play it along with the tune so that it sounds like a harmony rather than part of the chord, a harmony can sound like part of the chord or it can sound like it’s own tune, a tune that complements the main tune but is a tune in itself as well

A great way to make a nice piano harmony is to work out a tune that you think would sound nice with the main tune and then play it along at the same time, that’s if you’ve got enough fingers, that’s one of the challengers you’ll face, making a tune that you can play while still playing the main tune

So there will be harmonies in any piece of music regardless of weather you put them in or not because if there is more than one note, the two notes will harmonize with each other to create a piano harmony

But if you make your harmonies so that listeners can hear them as an added extra rather than being part of the song as a whole you might find you can get some lovely sounds and fullness coming out of your pieces, if you do it right you can make it sound like there are four hands playing the piece rather than two

You can also do it wrong and make it sound like a real mush, although you’ll still have the benefit of it sounding like four hands, just not the 4 hands that you would have liked hehe. More about making harmonies Here!

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