The Piano Fill

A piano fill is used to fill in the gaps, if there’s a pause in the melody for more than a couple of beats then you might find that a musical fill goes nicely, try something that goes with the tempo, something that is unique to the song, or piece of music.

As you’re playing or composing a piece, find places where a musical fill would fit, maybe at the end of a phrase in the melody, or at the end of one section before going into the next section, you usually play piano fills higher than the melody to make them stand out but they also go very nicely in the middle of the piano too, it all depends on what piece it is and what you think sounds best for that part of the piece.

Don’t over use piano fills, (I’ve seen professionals that do this) if you play them too much all the time in every musical gap you’ll find that a piano fill will loose it’s spark as the listener gets so used to hearing them that they become monotonous and boring, but if you use them sparingly and wisely you’ll get some extra attention every time you put one in.

Keep them simple but beautiful, if you pick the right notes you’ll find that something simple will be better than a big complicated arpeggio, you can still put the big complicated arpeggios in, which are very common but keep them to a minimum as it’s very easy to over do it as I said above, so yes try and find beautiful but simple.

Now if you find that perfect piano fill don’t think that it’s so good that you can just play that one ever time you need a fill as the impact will be lost, remember that the reason you’re playing them is to grab the attention of your listeners in the parts where they don’t expect anything, so keep your really great fills for very special parts of the piece and then you’ll really be able to make your listeners prick up their ears and think (awwww that was nice)

So to sum up, keep them simple, don’t play the same fills over an over, and if you can, find different ones for every piece, ones that are unique and fit in nicely, that aren’t the same old arpeggios. Fills are a lovely way to grab people’s attention in the parts where they aren’t expecting anything, or in songs or pieces that they’ve heard over an over again;

they might have heard the song a 100 times but they won’t have heard the beautiful fills that you’ve chosen to put in, You can also learn more Here!

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