Do it yourself, free online piano appraisals

OK so you’ve been looking for ages trying to find free online piano appraisals, well the likeliness of finding one isn’t very high as it takes time to research how much a piano is worth so not many people are willing to do this for free.

But don’t worry because you can do it yourself, the first thing you have to realize is that the amount that your piano is worth is the amount that someone’s willing to pay, if someone tells you that your piano’s worth 5000 but no one will buy it for that much then it won’t do you much good, so what you need to do is, find out how much someone will pay for your piano.

The first place to go is ebay, if your piano is a popular make then it will be easy to find it on ebay and see how much people are paying for it but if it’s not so popular you might be better off doing a search in one of the search engines to try and find your piano, hopefully you’ll be able to find it up for sale at a few different shops or if someone’s trying to sell it privately.

After you find your piano, it’s a matter of looking at all the different prices that you come across and then working out the average, that should give you a good idea of how much your piano is worth, and you won’t have to look for free online piano appraisals anymore.

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