88 Notes On Piano, what to do with them

Notes on piano; OK first, most pianos have 88 notes, a lot of the older ones have a few less, there are only 12 different notes on a piano, all the rest are the same notes but on a different octave so once you’ve learnt the 12 different ones you should be able to find the notes on all the octaves as they are the same.

The equal tempered scale is the musical scale used today and that’s what the piano uses, the octave is divided into 12 equal semitones and that gives us the 12 different notes that are on the piano, some other instruments like ones from India use very different scales with half semitones but I’ve never seen a piano tuned to those scales, (yes I think that would be an interesting experiment, tune a piano so that you can play Indian music on it)

So as you know the notes on piano are black and white, if you play only the black notes you’ll be playing the pentatonic scale and it’s very easy to make it sound like you’re playing Chinese music, if you play only the white notes you’ll be playing the good old diatonic scale and if you start on the C note and end on the C note, you’ll be playing the scale that everyone knows which is the Ionian scale.

Well that’s my little bit about notes on piano, if you want more then Click Here!

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