Kids Piano Lessons

Let's get started with Kids Piano Lessons; the best way to start is doing it yourself; give your kids, piano lessons; start off with simple tunes like Twinkle Little Star, Marry Had a Little Lamb, and anything else that you can think of that has a simple easy to remember tune. 

Then when your child starts to play more and you think that they would benefit from a piano teacher, try and find one that makes kids piano lessons fun, if your child doesn't enjoy the piano lessons then there won't be much practicing each week.

If they come back from the lesson all excited and wanting to show everyone what they've just learnt then that's a great sign, kids piano lessons will go for about half an hour but if the child is very young, piano lessons will be even shorter. 

I child of six or seven years can only concentrate on one thing for so long but as they progress and get older, ten or eleven, the half an hour lesson will start to wiz by and then before you know it they'll be doing 45 minute lessons.

When it comes to children under four, very young; piano shouldn't be about having lessons but more about playing, if you play piano then you'll probably find that your children will try to imitate what you do on the piano, sometimes they even get the music out and read from it just like you do.

At this time it's best to give encouragement and say how well they're playing. To them, they're really playing what's on that sheet of music. If you find that they're bashing away at the piano using their whole hand give them pointers and show them to hit the notes with their fingers and play one or two notes at a time.

You'll find that it changes from an awful irritating noise to a lovely creative sound that could only come from a two or three year old. You might even find that they start to sing along with what they are playing. 

So when it comes to kids piano lessons, it's about fun, if your child comes home from a lesson unhappy or doesn't look forward to the lessons then stop them and try to find a better teacher.

If they go over the same things every week and don't start learning new songs every few weeks or don't have any progress on songs that they're working on, it could go down hill very fast, but as long as they're interest is kept up by learning new things and learning in a fun way, they'll keep on getting better and better and better… 

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