Just a Song, the CD album

Just a Song, some most beautiful music on piano, this is my first ever album and it’s for sale here for a very reasonable price this beautiful piano music was all written and performed by me, some of the pieces were done back when I was 17 and then the CD was finished by the time I was 19

It’s a few years old now and I’m currently working on my second album which should be just as good if not better, well my playing has come a long way since then so I’m sure it will have some wow factor in it

If your not sure about buying then check out some of my pieces on myspace here, if you like the pieces there then you’re sure to like the album as some of the pieces there are on the album and most of the music is similar in style

Here’s what others have said about the album and no you don’t have to take my word for it, if you want you can read the comments on my ebay account here too

"What a talented young artist! His music is beautiful. We wish him good luck"

"Very good music. An excellent gift for all music fans"

"Surprised by CD - obvious classical influence + modern - good film score style!"

"Great value for money. Lovely quality Cd"

"Fantastic C.D, range of easy to listen to music, good for study, car, relaxation"

For only £5
And for now Postage is free
to anywhere in the world

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If you don't like it,
I'll give you a full refund

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