Other Great Instruments For Children, The Kazoo

Thinking about instruments for children? Well the best place to start is the kazoo, most children can play them, all you need to do is blow at the same time as humming, and it's not too hard to get a decent tune out of them. 

The only draw back is it might get a bit irritating if it's being played for hours on end, but I think it's worth it as your child will get so much enjoyment. The best age for the kazoo, 2 to 7, I'm sure older kids and even adults will have fun with them too.

The Drum

Then there's the drum, the easiest of all to play and if you get a small toy one, it won't be too loud either. Kids love to have a pair of sticks in there hands to hit away at a drum, they might even walk around singing with the beat too. Age 0, (ok maybe you'll have to wait till they can hold a stick) to 5, oh and then as they get older you can get them into real drums as well.

The Harmonica

The harmonica should be in the list of instruments for children too as it's even easier than the kazoo to get a sound out of, though it's a bit harder to get a nice tune as you don't hum the notes but once the notes are learnt your child will be playing and making up tunes galore. Age 5 and up.

The Recorder

OK on to the recorder, this is probably the hardest out of the four as you have to use your fingers to cover the right holes up, so it's best to have a book to show how to play the different notes, it will start off with just one or two and then slowly progress until you and your child are playing full songs. Age 6 and up.

The Others

There are lots of other instruments for children but these are my favourites. Any instruments that are easy to pick up and play are great, clap sticks and shakers, flutes and whistles, oh that's fun too when you teach your child to whistle for the first time, it takes ages but once they get it there's no stopping them.

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