How to Compose: The Piano DVD

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This is the newly released piano DVD: How to Compose, for beginners to intermediate levels. Only $29.99 US!

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First of all, music composition doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact it can be very straight forward. If you think you have to be a musical genius or that it’s going to take too long to learn then stop thinking that, everyone can compose music with a few easy to learn steps, so it’s time to stop leaving the task to others and start on your first masterpiece.

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After completing this DVD you should have the knowledge to compose a beautiful piece that you can be proud of, when people ask, who wrote that... you’ll be able to reply “oh that’s one of mine” you’ll have a basic understanding of chord progressions, how to change key, and even how to create a beautiful melody from easy to learn steps, that can be repeated as many times as needed to create as many melodies as you need.

You don’t need to wait for a magical moment where the melody just comes to you in a dream, although with time it could happen, and if it does, make sure you write it down straight away, you know what dreams are like an hour later you’re thinking "what was that dream I had"

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