Free Piano Lessons 

Improve your playing from these free piano lessons and discover great new ways of practicing. That's what you'll find here. From how to play your scales to how to practice that song you’re working on and make all those mistakes just disappear. All you need is the want to learn something new and these free lessons.

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You’ll find info on all types of music, how to make the blues really sound like the blues, improve that octave bass for your boogie woogie playing, getting your technique just right for those classical pieces and also how to get that pop or rock sound.

You’ll also find information on how to find the best teacher for yourself or your child, how much you should pay for a lesson and even how to teach piano if you’re up for it. If this is the info that you want then that’s great because here, that’s what you’ll get. Just click on the link that interests you and you’ll be on your way.

Who Invented The Piano?

Boogie Woogie Piano

Piano Teachers, how to find the right one

Giving Piano Lessons, tips on how to teach

Cost of a Piano Lesson

Free Blues Piano Lesson

Piano Fingering

Piano Scales

Finding the value of your piano, Piano appraisals

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