Find Time to Practice Your Piano

Here are the Ideas to find time in your day, they're very simple and easy and I'm sure you can think of some yourself, but the important things is to actually do these things and use them to get extra time rather than just say I'll do it tomorrow.

1.  Don't say I'll do it tomorrow (Find Time)

If you have some extra time today then that's when you should practice, don't say I'll do it tomorrow, otherwise tomorrow comes around and you realize that you have to do something else today, and now that time that you would have had has been lost.

2. Gaining an extra 30 minutes

Ok this one needs a little more self discipline, it requires you to wake up 30 minutes earlier, also the practice that you do in the morning is much more beneficial, what you learn stays in as your mind, is fresh and ready to learn new things. Now I know a lot of people may say they need that extra sleep but give it a try, the extra 30 minutes out of your sleep might not have as much of an effect as you think.

3. Learn while commuting (Find Time)

Ok this one is a little more fun, when it comes to learning your order of flats or sharps, circle of fifths, and anything really to do with theory, then you can do this while travelling, so if you travel for over an hour a day then that's practice that you might be able to get. Saying the order of sharps aloud or if people are around, then saying them in your head, but if you don't mind getting some funny looks then I'm sure you can give it a try saying them out aloud. If someone else is driving or your on public transport you can even take some paper and a pen and right down all your theory exercises.

4. Ending Something Else

This is for those who really don't have enough time to practice. If you have something you do that you don't enjoy as much as piano, let's say there's a TV show that you always watch but you don't really enjoy as much any more but you just haven't got around to saying "well I do enjoy piano more so I think I'll stop watching this and play piano instead" If it' s a 30 minute show then that's 30 minutes a day you could be practicing. 

Or maybe it's a hobby, one of my weaknesses was gaming. I'd spend at least 2 hours gaming. So all I had to do was cut that in half and all of a sudden I had an extra hour to practice.

5. Summing Up (Find Time)

So now it's up to you, write down all the ways that you could gain that extra 30 minutes or an hour a day. Then start putting them to work, you'll find the extra practice more so than anything else will accelerate your piano training.

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