Easy Piano Tabs

Here are some easy piano tabs; piano tabs can be confusing so if you're still getting to grips with them start with these. All of the piano tabs that you’ll find here are my own compositions, and if available I’ll put a music link next to each one so that you can hear how it sounds.

Remember that piano tabs are only a guide to show you which notes to play as you can’t put as much detail in a piano tab as you would in traditional notation. But along with the sound file and maybe in the future a video file, you’ll be playing these pieces in no time.

OK let’s get to the first piano tab. It’s called The Time We Have and I’ve had requests for it, that’s why it’s the first of the easy piano tabs. Remember if it’s a capital letter then it’s a sharp and if it’s a small letter it’s a natural.




The next bit of the piece is chorded with these chords (Db) (Db/Eb) (Db/Gb) (Ab)

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed learning this piece of music, I’ll be adding more easy to play piano tabs with videos and sound files in the future so do come back and check them out.

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