The Cost of a Piano Lesson

How much should you pay, well the cost of a piano lesson in the UK is about 8 pounds and 50 pence, that’s about 15 us dollars and about 25 Australian, that’s for a half an hour private lesson, depending on we’re you are you’ll be able to get lessons for a bit less or a bit more, usually the country areas are the cheapest and the City areas are the most expensive. 

The best idea is to ask around in your local area, do you have someone you know that’s having piano lessons, is there a conservatorium or university near by, keep in mind that when you have private lessons in a university or conservatorium they’ll usually be a bit more expensive because the teacher has to either hire a room to teach in or the conservatorium will take a cut of the profits.

Some teachers like myself do a drive around service and travel to the student’s home; it’s very convenient and a great way to learn because you’re in the comfort of your own home, piano lessons and price with this sort of service will usually be about the same for the actual lesson but then you’ll have to add on some extra for petrol and travelling time, I have some students that are up to an hours drive away but because they enjoy the lessons so much they’re happy to pay the extra.

OK then, you’ll now have a basic idea of what to expect, when it comes to the cost of a piano lesson. Please feel free to have a look around at the other parts of the site for other great info on learning to play piano. Or if you want the best paid course around, Click Here!

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