Compose Music on The Piano

To compose music; it comes easy to some, to others it can be one of the most daunting tasks around. The good thing is, like most skills it’s something that can be learnt and that’s where this page comes in, you’ll learn music composition starting with the basics right up to some of the more advanced ways of composing music. 

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There are many different ways to compose music; one of the easiest ways is to hum a tune, trying to hum something original, something that no one has ever heard before. If you play an instrument you can start composing music by playing anything at all and then when you hear something that you like, you go over and over it and use that as the theme for your piece.

Then there’s spontaneous music composition, a very advanced way of composing music, when I say advanced I mean that you have to be very good at what you do to make a spontaneous music composition sound good, anyone can do it just by playing a piece from start to finish that they compose on the fly, much like improvising but it takes a lot of talent to make it into anything more than just random notes.

OK so now you can get started by clicking on any of the links that interest you and start composing music of your own. You could also try this amazing course.

How to Compose Your Own Music, The Basics

Spontaneous Composition, what is it?

How to play Spontaneous Compositions

The Piano Melody

Piano Bass Notes (Bass Lines)

The Piano Fill

The Piano Harmony

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