Boogie Woogie Piano

Boogie Woogie Piano is all about that left hand, if you can keep that beat going keeping it constant and accurate, the rest will follow. 

With boogie woogie piano the broken octave bass is the most common, where the little finger plays the bass line and the thumb echoes the same note an octave above, the key to making this sound good (especially when playing swing) is to make the note above sound like an echo.

A good way to practice this is to play as normal but only touch the note above rather than actually making it sound, that way, when you go to play it you’ll find it much easier to make that second note with the thumb much quieter than the first.

Not all pieces are played like this but once you get this technique it will be much easier to learn the others. Accuracy is another part that’s hard to perfect, at first you find that you can do the technique but at the same time be hitting wrong notes all over the place.

Try playing with a more rigid hand, so what I mean is if you get the correct hand position that you need and keep your hand in that position, you should find that it's much easier to hit that top note, the top note is the one most people have the most trouble with, to get the right hand position, put the hand so that your thumb is already in the right position to hit the top note.

If you play unbroken octaves, so playing both notes together and then go back to broken octaves you might find this helps to get the right hand position then when you get used to it you can start to loosen the hand off a bit and experiment with slightly different techniques to find the best one to suit you. If you move the thumb and little finger together and apart too much you’ll probably find that it’s much harder to hit the right notes, so if you do then just go back over what I’ve talked about here. Click Here for more.

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