The Blues Scale for Piano 

What notes and what fingering to use in the blues scale, it can be a bit confusing sometimes, so let’s get started and playing one of the most fun scales there is. 

There are many variations of this scale but the one that I’m going to be talking about here is the basic one, the one that everyone knows, when you hear it you know straight away that it’s the blues scale. This is one of the best scales for learning improvisation, if you know this scale and you’re in the right key it doesn’t matter which notes you hit, as long as they’re the notes out of the blues scale it should sound fine.

OK so I’ll start you off in the key of C, C blues, the notes are C, E Flat, F, F Sharp, G, B Flat, and then back to C. The best fingering for this going up the scale is 1234 12 then if you’re playing more that one octave use the same fingering for the next octave but if you want to come back down, use your 3rd finger for the last C and then on the way back down use the same fingering, so from C it would be 321 4321 back down to C.

OK so now that you’ve got the notes you can start playing them randomly instead of going all the way up and all the way down the scale, hit notes all over the place from the bottom of the piano right up to the top, just make sure that you’re playing the notes from the blues scale and you’ll be up and improvising in no time, now you can start adding some rhythm.

If you want to play the blues scale in another key let’s say A blues, it’s a simple matter of transposing it, remember that the order is. One and a half tones, tone, semitone, semitone, one and a half tones, tone. So in A, it would be A, C, D, D Sharp, E, G, then up to A. The fingering for A blues is the same as C blues and is also the same as D, E, and G. F blues can also use this fingering but you might like to try 123 123 as well which is the best fingering for B blues, D flat Blues and all the rest as well.

OK then, I hope you were able to get the information that you wanted, please have a look around as there’s a whole lot of great info on this site regarding the piano.
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