Dear Readers,

I am happy to say that I have finished the first two videos for you.

You can find the first video here.

Then part 2 a continuation of that is here.

Thank you for your requests, so far I have had requests for composition and the blues so first I’ll be going over composition, very basic to start off with so you can all follow along then I’ll take you onto more advanced ideas such as left hand riffs and arrangements and also how to incorporate more than just the melody into your right hand.

So composition is what you have to look forward to today then next month I’ll be taking you over some blues basics. Remember to let me know what you want in the coming months as I’m going to try my best to please everyone subscribed to learn-piano.

OK so have fun composing, if you have the facilities post your compositions up on youtube for me to critic for you. Let me know what you thought of the video and if there’s anything that I left out that you want included next.

Best of luck
Your teacher on the net

PS, If you have a youtube account Please rate and comment on the videos as it will help me out greatly. Thank you in advance.